Luke Tvrdy

Luke Tvrdy is a member of the Art Club and has a lot to say about how it has helped him grow as a person. The art club has helped him as a person by allowing him to grow as a person through art. "I believe art is a way for people to communicate feelings and express interests and emotions. I have been doing art ever since I could draw on the walls with crayons and I was super stoked when I first heard that we were starting up an art club. I've been in an art club for about three years now and loved helping people spark their creativity." His goal for the future is to commit to a job that he enjoys, rather than do something he doesn't. He hopes to see himself hopefully in either an art or acting role, just to be able to express himself to the world in different ways.

"Turn your setbacks into comebacks, your losses into lessons. Stay true to yourself, even when the world doubts you." -Travis Scott