Art Club

Mae Masek got three gold keys the highest award for her portfolio, complete 3, and Art is the Artist. She also got five silver keys for Barbie's Dream House, Faulty, The Next Generation, Daydreamer's Reality VIII, and Daydreamer's Reality XV. Mae is a force to be reckoned with in the art world constantly exceeding expectations. Great job Mae. Ash and Kinsley also got silver keys Ash for her portfolio and Kinsley for Underwater Rainforest. Honorable mentions also go to Luke Tvrdy's Times of Change, Ellie White's Forever My Best Friend, Jacey Hofpar's Words Of An Angel, Ash Hunt's Silly Soup, Kinsley Seufer's Lines of Confusion, and Mae Masek's Daydreamer's Reality I. You all did wonderful congrats on your awards.