Mrs. Aylward and her children

This week's teacher or staff spotlight is... Mrs. Aylward! What does Mrs. Aylward like about Raymond Central? Well she likes getting  to teach the same group of kids for multiple years in different subjects. She says "It's fun to see them grow and learn new things.". Being a teacher wasn't always what she wanted to be but she is glad her path led her to teaching. If Mrs. Aylward wasn't a teacher she would want to be an epidemiologist ! One thing students would find surprising about her would be that she can speak German. What makes RC a 'good' day for her would be when all her students are engaged in what they are learning and when they can do hands-on experiments. Another teacher's class Mrs. Aylward would like to enroll in even if it was just for a day would be Mrs. Polak's History class of the Holocaust. Some advice that she would give her students would be to not take yourself too seriously.