2024 STEM

This week the activities spotlight interviewed a STEM memeber.  Recently in STEM, they have been looking at the robotics field, which has been very interesting! Sadly with the unpredictable weather not a lot has gone on with this club yet this year. They have a field trip coming up on the 13th of March for anyone interested in the medical field!  According to Ariana Ceja while being in stem she has learned so much! STEM spends lots of time working with younger kids to enhance their learning in the STEM field while working and learning with small projects together. While being a part of this club she has been given the chance to explore many career choices ranging from civil engineering, criminal justice, graphic design, and more. Overall, Ariana has gained lots of insight into possibilities for my future, which is very much needed for every student!
STEM is always looking for new members, increasing the amount of kids in the RC Stem would be amazing. Not only that but if you are thinking about STEM camp at all, those are due soon. As someone who has gone the last couple of years, she recommends it fully!