Gavin Enevoldsen

This week's junior spotlight is Gavin Enevoldsen. Gavin is a junior at Raymond Central who is a member of the Central Players Speech Team.  Gavin says that his favorite color is green and his favorite food is the Little Debbie Star Crunch snacks.  According to Gavin the people that influence him most are his friends and older brother.  After graduation Gavin would like to either "live the American dream", or go to college at SCC for cheaper classes.  After finishing at SCC he would like to transfer to UNL and get a degree in teaching for history.  Out of any childhood movie character, Gavin says Augustus  Gloop, because according to Gavin "he is my idol, and I want to be him".  So far Gavin's favorite memories this year come from, getting to see his dog happy and healthy after being through a lot.  Thanks for your time Gavin!