7th Grade Student Spotlight - Hailee Benes

This week's 7th Grade Student Spotlight is Hailee Benes! Hailee Benes is a 7th Grader at Raymond Central.  Her favorite foods are pineapples and mangos. If she could be any animal she would be a blue and gold macaw.  In her free time,  she likes to listen to music, eat, watch netflix, ft or call with friends. She's involved in many activities such as being a student manager for the Highschool Softball team and doing Select Softball for dominators. In 10 years she sees herself going to college. Her favorite subject in school is Art or P.E. and her favorite color is purple. 

A story she would like to share is "When I was swimming with my best friends in a lake at nighttime I thought a crocodile was chasing me but it was just a blue gil biting my toes" 

Have a great year Hailee!!