The lovely art teacher, Mrs. Craig!

This week's staff spotlight is Mrs. Craig!  What Mrs. Craig likes about Raymond Central is the feeling of a small town and the amazing students and coworkers.  Being a teacher wasn't what she always wanted to be, it was up until high school that she had wanted to be a teacher. Her art teacher helped her get through some tough times. She was also able to express herself through her artwork when she wasn't able to talk about it. After that, she knew that she wanted to be that person to make a difference. If Mrs. Craig wasn't a teacher she would want to be a farmer! One thing about Mrs. Craig that students might find surprising is that she has been tractor-pulling since she was 16. What makes a 'good' day for her would be when people are in positive moods and are considerate of others around them. Finding a balance between getting stuff done and having some fun. If she could enroll in another teacher's class she would pick Mrs. Donahue's classes because she didn't have any type of agriculture class in Beatrice.