Señor Karel and his family

This week's Staff Spotlight is Señor Karel! Señor Karel loves many different aspects of Raymond Central! Including the size of the district and the many opportunities the students have! He also enjoys the support he gets from the community. He had felt very welcomed when he joined last year, which made his transition very easy. Being a teacher wasn't something that he had always wanted to be as a kid. Although, his mom was a science teacher for over 30 years. So he grew up to enjoy education and being at school since he grew up around it. By the end of high school, he wanted to be involved in the education system in some way. If Señor Karel wasn't a teacher he would want to be an operator/technician for a natural gas company. He had worked at a natural gas plant for three years of summer during college. Something that his students would be surprised to know about him would be that he enjoys watching musicals and theater productions! "The amount of talent actors and musicians have is incredible.". A 'good day' at school for Señor Karel would be when his students leave his classroom knowing more Spanish than they did when they entered. Another thing is when the students get to be more involved in class and move around during the period. Señor Karel would go to any teacher's classroom if it were his choice. But his first choice would be Mrs. Donahue or Mr. Hackbart's class. Since he didn't get to have the opportunity to take ag, welding, shop, or auto classes in school.