Ms. Dannelly

This week's Ceresco Staff Spotlight is Ms. Dannelly! She is the Librarian for Ceresco's K-5. She attended college at UNL and completed her degree at Wayne State College. Ms.Dannelly has had three previous jobs. She worked at a grocery store, as a waitress and a day care provider.  She decided to become a teacher because she loves to watch young people learn and grow. She also loves playing a part in their growth from year to year and teachers can have a profound effect on a student's life.  Some advice that Ms. Dannelly has for students is "If you put in the work you will be rewarded for your efforts. Making good choices will also have a profound effect on the future. Never give up and give it your best every day!" She was also asked for a fun memory that she has had at Ceresco Elementary and she said "I love watching the kids during the Book Fairs. They are always so excited to see the displays and pick out new books to read."

Have a great year Ms. Dannelly!