2023 Mustang Volleyball Team

Volleyball has been working hard while being coached by a new face. Some things about Coach Vasa is that she grew up in Wahoo Ne, and went to Wahoo Bishop Neumann where she participated in volleyball, softball, and track and field.  Since she was little she wanted to become a teacher but didn't want to start coaching until she was in college.  Coach Vasa really enjoys watching both students and athletes improve their skills every day whether it is in class or in practice or in games.  At the end of the day, she likes to work and clear her head from the workday, and spend time with her family. She has been pushing these girls to improve their skills and in her words, "Some of the strengths the girls have are they are very coachable, if you tell them anything they will be willing to fix or change it to be a better athlete for themselves and for their team." This group of girls always come with a big smile and ready to have fun. She says that she always sees the laughter on the court when they make a mistake. Coach Vasa says that this is a strength because she knows they can shake it off and do it better the next time without getting too down on themselves and frustrated.