Ms. Trenhaile and her fiance

This week’s staff spotlight is Ms. Trenhaile! Her favorite thing about RC would be the incredible Special Education Staff that she gets to work with every day. Before she wanted to be a speech-language pathologist she had wanted to be a physical therapist. She changed her mind when she actually had to do physical therapy in high school for a running injury. If she could be anything, the thing that she would want to do would be a sideline reporter for the San Antonio Spurs, which is her favorite NBA team. She grew up on a feedlot in Northeast Nebraska. While she was in elementary school, her favorite thing to do after school was work with her dad on the cattle. What makes her day a ‘good day’ would be when there is food in the teachers' lounge and when she doesn’t have to go to a meeting before/after school. She has an average of about 10 meetings a month! One class that she would like to enroll in would be any English class with Ms. Starner, Mrs. Winfrey, or Mrs. Huck. English has always been her favorite subject, even when she was in college.