FBLA is kicking this year off strong.  This summer they participated in the Val Days Parade. Rosalie Tvrdy, Sarah Lange, Mae Masek, Josie Lahm, and Asher Lahm attended the National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia along with Ms. Starner. Those individuals had a wonderful time competing on a national level, connecting with other FBLA Members from around the world, and exploring Atlanta. Last week, they had the first meeting of the year where they had 38 students attend. Students learned what FBLA was all about and learned a little bit about each other with an FBLA BINGO activity.  Upcoming events for FBLA include the Craft Fair on 10/07, during the craft fair they will be hosting a car show!  More info on Facebook. There is also the upcoming meeting, on 09/13 for all members or kids interested.  Keep in mind, that FBLA  helps students develop strong public speaking skills, communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. FBLA helps students develop leadership skills through volunteer activities, conferences, and networking