Svehla and his wife at the Nebraska Stadium

This week's staff spotlight is Mr. Svehla! Svehla enjoys the small-town environment that gives students the chance to get involved in many sports/activities. He also likes how he has learned from his students/group of students. Being a teacher/staff wasn't one that he wanted to be while growing up, what he originally wanted to be was an Astronaut; he then wanted to be a pediatrician until he took Chemistry in college. While being a teacher is tough, Svehla enjoys reading/writing at the end of long days to clear his head! What makes it a 'good day' for Svehla would be knowing that all of his students and co-workers have had a good day. In his own words, he would be honored to witness a day in Mrs. Huck's class. He believes that being able to observe a master teacher and classroom culture cultivator such as herself would be very educational.