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Raymond Central Public Schools

School Board

1000 Community Relations

Table of Contents 1000-Statement of Intent 1010-Visiting School 1020-Citizen Communication to the Board of Education 1030-Parent/Patron Comment Form 1030a-Parent/Patron Comment Form 1040-Annual . . .

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2000 Administration

Table of Contents 2000-Functional Principle of Administration 2010-Election of Administrative Personnel 2100-Superintendent of Schools 2110-Duties of the Superintendent of Schools 2110a-Superintendent Job . . .

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3000 Business Operations

Table of Contents 3010-Budget Planning 3011-Fund Balance Reporting (GASB) 3020-Public Review of Budget 3030-Transfer of Funds Between Categories 3040-Budget as Spending Plan-Budgeted Items . . .

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4000 Personnel

Table of Contents 4001-Recruitment and Selection 4002-Equal Opportunity Employment 4003-Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment and Anti-retaliation 4003a-Notice of Nondiscrimination 4003b-Complaint Form . . .

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5000 Students

Table of Contents 5000-Introductory Statement 5001-Admission Requirements 5001a-Forms for Health Related Admission Requirements 5002-Discontinuance of Enrollment for Children Younger Than Six Years of Age . . .

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6000 Instruction

Table of Contents 6000-General Policy Statement 6010-Scope of Instructional Program 6020-The Program of Instruction 6110-School Instructional Hours 6111-Classroom Environment 6112-School Day for . . .

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7000 New Construction

Table of Contents 7000-Purpose 7010-Planning 7020-Guidelines for Building New Schools or Remodeling Existing Schools 7021-Remodeling 7030-Selection of Architect/Engineer 7040-Financing of . . .

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8000 Internal Board Policies

Table of Contents 8110-Purpose and Role of the Board 8120-Duties and Functions of the Board of Education 8130-Annual Organizational Meeting 8130a-Resolution and Conflict of Interest Laws 8150-Committee of . . .

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9000 Bylaws of the Board

Table of Contents 9000-General Statement 9010-Limits of Authority 9100-Legal Description 9110-Number of Members, Terms of Office 9120-Officers 9121-President 9122-Vice President . . .

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