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Raymond Central Public Schools



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  1. Why did the district adopt a new Wellness policy?

    1. This is required by the United States Department of Agriculture for all schools participating in the National School Lunch and/or National School Breakfast programs.

  2. What can I and my student bring for a classroom celebration (example, birthday)?

    1. All foods offered on the school campus will meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards or, if the state policy is stronger, will meet or exceed state nutrition standards, including through:

      1. Celebrations and parties. The District will provide a list of healthy party ideas, such as approved snacks options to parents and teachers, including non-food celebration ideas. The link for the Smart Snacks Calculator and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snack compliant foods are both available on rcentral.org located in the “Wellness” tab.

      2. Classroom snacks brought by parents. The District will provide or make available to parents a list of foods and beverages that meet Smart Snacks nutrition standards.

  3. What are the restrictions for my student’s personal snack or lunch in regards to meeting the Smart Snack guidelines?

    1. Although it is certainly encouraged that all snacks and meals meet the healthy standards identified by the USDA, personal meals/snacks sent by parents only for their own student is not regulated by the school wellness policy.  However, the policy restricting fast food in schools remains in place. Lunches from fast food restaurants and soda are not permitted. Soda drinks are not allowed in the lunchroom.

  4. What regulations are in place for school fundraising activities as it pertains to food and beverages?

    1. The goal for the 2019/2020 school year is to ensure all school fundraising activities that involve foods and beverages would meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards. All foods sold through fundraisers on the school campus during the school day must meet these standards beginning with the 19/20 school year. The District will make available to parents, teachers, and activity sponsors a list of healthy fundraising ideas or comparable resources. A committee will be established to include sports organizations, PTO, booster club, and other extra-curricular clubs to address reducing the overall amount of fundraising events.

  5. Will my child be given candy as a reward for displaying expected behaviors?

    1. The District will provide teachers and other relevant school staff a list of alternative ways to reward children or other comparable resources. Foods and beverages will not be used as a reward or withheld as punishment for any reason, such as for performance or behavior.

  6. How will the district enforce the Wellness Policy?

    1. Each school will designate a school wellness policy coordinator, who will ensure compliance with the policy.

  7. How can I become a member of the RC Wellness Committee?

    1. All Wellness Policy meetings are open to the public.  If individuals are interested in serving on the committee, they should attend scheduled meetings.

  8. Will my child miss recess as a punishment for not displaying expected behaviors?  

    1. Physical activity during the school day (including but not limited to recess, classroom physical activity breaks or physical education) will not be withheld as punishment. The District will provide teachers and other school staff with a list of ideas or resources for alternative ways to discipline students.

  9. How does the Wellness policy relate to courses such as family consumer sciences and other life skills classes?

    1. This is addressed specifically in the Wellness policy under Nutrition Education and Essential Healthy Eating Topics in Health Education

    2. The Wellness Policy is located on rcentral.org under the “Wellness” tab