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Raymond Central Public Schools

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6000 Instruction

Table of Contents

6000-General Policy Statement

6010-Scope of Instructional Program

6020-The Program of Instruction

6110-School Instructional Hours

6111-Classroom Environment

6112-School Day for Students


6115-Fire Drills and Crisis Plans

6116-Emergency Dismissal or Cancellation

6117-Ceremonies, Observances, and the Pledge of Allegiance

6120-Safe Schools Policy

6121-Curriculum Review Cycle

6200-Objectives of the Instructional Program

6210-Curriculum-Development and Adoption


6212-Assessments-Academic Content Standards

6213-Reading Instruction and Improvement

6220-Experimental/Innovative Program

6230-Curriculum Guides


6241-Purpose of Homework


6270-Field Trips


6281--Activity Funds Management

6282-School Colors


6283a-Concussions: Return to Learn Protocol

6284-Initiations, Hazing, Secret Clubs and Outside Organizations

6285-Student Participation in Athletic Contests Between Schools

6286-Return to Learn After Cancer

6290-Dedications and Commencement

6300-Selection and Review of Instructional and Media Materials

6310-Textbook Loans

6320-Parent Requests for Exclusion

6360-Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs

6361-Acknowledgment of Religious Holidays

6362-Religion in the Curriculum

6363-Purpose of Religion in the Curriculum

6370-Multicultural Education

6380-Equal Opportunity: Instruction Program

6390-Controversial Issues

6391-Controversial Issues in the Classroom

6400-Parental/Community Involvement in Schools

6400a-Complaint or Objection Form

6410-Title I Parental and Family Engagement Policy

6600-Special Education

6700-Firearm Policy

6800-Computer/Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policy

6900-Chronic Infectious Disease Practice and Procedure

6910-Dispensing Medications with Forms

6920-Student Self-Management of Asthma, Anaphylaxis, and/or Diabetes

6920a-Asthma or Anaphylaxis Medical Management Plan

6920b-Diabetes Medical Management Plan