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Raymond Central Public Schools

School Board


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5000 Students

Table of Contents

5000-Introductory Statement

5001-Admission Requirements

5001a-Forms for Health Related Admission Requirements

5002-Discontinuance of Enrollment for Children Younger Than Six Years of Age

5002a-Affidavid and Parent Release

5003-Assignment of Students: Grade Placement and Transfer of Students

5004-Full-time and Part-time Enrollment

5004a-Application of Non-Public School Student for Part-time Enrollment

5005-Student Residence, Admission and Contracting for Educational Services

5006-Option Enrollment

5006a-Resolution and Appendix "1" Form

5007-Foreign Exchange Students

5007a-Application for Foreign Exchange Student

5008-Student Attendance

5008a-Attendance and Improvement Plan

5009-Attendance During the School Day (Dismissals and Field Trips)

5010-School Census

5011-Parent-Student Handbook

5012-Military Recruiters

5101-Student Discipline

5102-Alternative Education Programs or Plans for Expelled Students

5102a-Section 79-266(2) Plan

5103-Extracurricular Activity

5104-Drug and Substance Use and Prevention

5201-Promotion and Retention

5202-Student Records

5202a-Notification of Rights Under FERPA

5203-Academic Progress

5204-Grading System


5207-Make-Up Work

5208-High School Credit for Middle School Courses

5301-Association Activities

5302-Student Organizations

5303-Secret Organization, Hazing, Fund-Raising and Supervision

5304-Selection of Students for Participation in Activities

5305-School Dances

5306-Drug and Alcohol Testing

5306a-Consent to Test Form

5401-Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment, and Anti-retaliation

5401a-Complaint form

5402-Child Abuse and Neglect

5403-Married Students

5405-Corporal Punishment

5406-Use of Surveillance and Search and Seizures


5408-Health Regulations

5409-Communicable Diseases

5411-Law Violations

5412-Missing Persons

5413-Requests to Contact Students and Student Interviews by Non-School Personnel

5414-Identification of Learners with High Ability

5415-Anti-Bullying Policy

5416-Student Fees Policy

5416a-Student Fees

5416a-Fee Waiver Request

5417-School Wellness Policy

5418-Homeless Students

5418a-Homeless Education Program Forms

5419-Use of Restraints and Seclusion

5420-Dating Violence

5421-Student Privacy Protection Policy

5422-Pregnant and Parenting Students

5501-Bus Transportation

5503-Use of School Buses

5504-Special Education Transportation

5505-Safe Pupil Transportation Plan

5506-RCPS Safe Pupil Transportation Plan

5601-Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocol

5601a-Protocol Medical Form