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Raymond Central Public Schools

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4000 Personnel

Table of Contents

4001-Recruitment and Selection

4002-Equal Opportunity Employment

4003-Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment and Anti-retaliation

4003a-Notice of Nondiscrimination

4003b-Complaint Form

4004-Duty Hours of Employees

4005-Absence of Employees

4006-Absence From Building

4007-Family and Medical Leave Policy

4007a-Certification of Health Care Provider

4007b-Notice of Eligibility

4007c-Designation Notice

4007d-Certification for Military Family Leave

4007e-Certification for Serious Injury

4008-Adoption Leave

4009-Drug and Substance Use and Abuse

Document 1-Applicant's Consent to Obtain Past Drug and Alcohol Test Results

Document 2-Applicant's Certification of Past Drug and Alcohol Test Results

Document 3-Request for Past Test Results

Document 4-Report of Past Drug and/or Alcohol Test Results

4011-Bloodborne Pathogen Compliance Plan

4012-Infectious Diseases

4013-Personnel Files

4014-Receiving Agents, Salespersons, and Other Business Representatives

4015-Unauthorized Purchases

4016-Use of School Facilities and Equipment by School Employees

4017-Activity Passes

4018-Community Relations-Political Activity

4019-Fair Labor Standards Act (Minimum Wage and Overtime)

4020-Shredding Consumer Reports

4021-Social Security Numbers

4022-Military and Family Military Leave

4022a-Application for Leave Under the Familiy Military Leave Act

4023-Notification of Arrest/Criminal Charges, Certificate/License or Child Abuse Complaints

4024-Wage and Deduction Information

4025-Professional Boundaries Between Employees and Students

4026-Prohibition on Aiding and Abetting Sexual Abuse

4027-Workplace Privacy Policy

4028-Employee Fundraising

4030-Wage Information

4031-Injury Leave

4100-Qualifications for Appointment as Teacher

4101-Qualifications for Appointment to Administrative and Supervisory Positions




4120-Probationary Certified Employees

4121-Permanent Certified Employees

4130-Assignment of Duties


4132-Student Teachers and Pre-Student Teachers

4133-Substitute Teachers

4140-Professional Growth

4141-Teacher Training

4150-Evaluation of Teachers

4160-Reduction in Force Policy for Certificated Staff

4170-Leave of Absence

4180-Dual Sponsorship of Activities

4190-Standards of Ethical and Professional Performance

4200-Qualifications of Non-Certificated Employees

4201-"At Will" Employees



4220a-Classified Employee's Employment Agreement

4230-Assignment and Transfer

4240-Complaint Procedure

4250-Bus Drivers & Activity Trips

4260-Standards of Performance for Non-Certified Employees

4270-Staff Payments During Closure