Mrs. Tvrdy

This week’s staff spotlight is Mrs. Tvrdy from Val! This year is Mrs. Tvrdy’s second year working for Raymond Central! She loves working at the elementary school in Val, being a smiling and positive face in the office for students each day. She has two daughters, Lydia & Elyza who also go to RC! Mrs. Tvrdy, her daughters, and her husband enjoy traveling, even trying to make it somewhere new each year! Some of her favorite foods are tacos, nachos, enchiladas, or a good burger and fries. Mrs. Tvrdy doesn’t really watch TV, but if she finds time to sit down, she scrolls forever or watches “The Office.” Recently, her family has been watching a lot of football in the evenings, gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday! When Mrs. Tvrdy was asked what her favorite thing to do in her free time is, she stated, “Favorite thing to do in my free time, what free time? :)” She has an associate's degree in business and has also worked in office settings. This includes insurance and banking prior to working in Val. Mrs. Tvrdy jumped on the opportunity to work at Valparaiso when the secretary position opened. She said that having summers and holiday breaks off with her daughters and enjoying more time with them while they are young is really important to her! Her greatest strength that she has is having a positive attitude and passing it on to other staff and students that come into the office! Her superhero is/was her great-grandma Vera. She lived to be almost 104 years old! She lived at her home until her 100th birthday and could always be found in her garden, mowing the yard, cooking, baking, or keeping up on the things around the house. Mrs. Tvrdy stated that she never said anything bad about anyone and she always had a smile on her face! Thank you Mrs. Tvrdy for everything you have done for RC!