Heather Lange

The senior being highlighted this time around is Heather Lange who has been a student here at RC since kindergarten. Upon graduating, she plans to attend the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to major in Political Science. Heather wrote that she is looking forward to traveling the country with her family and friends. She has been involved in the National Honor Society throughout her high school career. Heather said that if she could trade lives with someone for a week, she would choose to live as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez because AOC is one of her biggest role models. When asked about some of her favorite things, Heather specifically highlighted the color pink, learning about government and politics, salad, cats, and any Taylor Swift song. She also explained that if she could live anywhere in the world she would choose to reside on the island of Santorini because of the cuisine and beautiful landscapes. Heather will definitely go on to positively impact the world and have a very successful future.