For this week I interviewed some students that are currently doing STEM or have had one STEM in the past trimesters! Tierney Twohig is the first student to respond! The first question that I asked Tierney was what her favorite subject to learn is. She said that she likes working on 3D models. In order to stay on task in class she tells herself that she needs most of the information she gets on projects or tests so that she works hard. Tierney said that she likes STEM a little but that she doesn't hate it. She said in order to stay focused on something after doing it for a long time she likes to think about getting it done to have time for her other classes.  She said that she likes to do things hands-on because it helps her see things and understand them better. I also asked her what her favorite thing to do in STEM like any projects or lessons. She said that she likes researching and building models. I asked Tierney if she takes any coding classes and she said that she does in fact take coding classes for STEM. The kinds of problems that STEM is helping her with would be science, engineering, math, and technology skills. She said that they work on group projects two or three times a week.  Lastly, I asked her what some of her favorite things about STEM are and she said that she likes working in groups and on real-world problems!