Mrs. Aylward

One of this week’s staff spotlight is Mrs. Aylward! Mrs. Aylward and her husband have been married for eight years! They together also have three-year-old boy/girl twins! In high school, she participated in gymnastics, drama club, and German Club, and also did an exchange program to Germany! In college, she majored in biology. She did research in the genetics lab on her campus and then discovered through her time in the lab that she didn’t want to do research. She also liked working with kids, so when she graduated, she wanted to do something in education. Mrs. Aylward then went back to school and got a master's degree in education. She said that she has loved teaching high school science! Mrs. Aylward has been teaching for ten years. She taught in Ogallala for three years, but also at Pius for six years. Her favorite subject to teach is anatomy because it is fun to teach and students do really well relating to the content. Her partner and crime staff member would have to be Mr. Staroscik because “science nerds need to stick together!” In her free time, she loves to read, take her dog for long walks, and play with her kids. Mrs. Aylward said that her favorite show to watch is “The Golden Girls.” If she wrote a book about her job life, she would title it “Organized Chaos!” When asked what her favorite food is she said sushi. Finally, if she could travel anywhere in the world, she would love to go to India and Thailand because the food and culture are vibrant and interesting! Thank you, Mrs. Aylward, for everything you do!