Mrs. Jackson is another one of our STEM teachers here at Raymond Central! Mrs. Jackson's favorite subject to teach in STEM is math! When asked how she creates an engaging learning environment for students she said that she offers a variety of activities and provides creative freedom when appropriate. Methods that she has for keeping her students engaged during long lectures are that she likes having different ways for students to absorb the information whether it's talking with partners, whole group discussions, using sticky notes, etc. When asked what teaching methods she prefers and why she prefers them she said that she likes having students work with partners and groups to increase their knowledge because students are more likely to participate. Mrs. Jackson said that she thinks the most important thing that STEM teachers can do to help their students succeed is to encourage them to be creative with their thinking and by being persistent! Whenever she sees a student struggling she likes having conversations with them and using assignments to see if they understand the concept that they are going over at that point in time. When I asked her what her teaching philosophy is she said that all students have the right to an appropriate education that will foster their abilities and expose them to skills that are/will be necessary later in life. This year is her first year teaching STEM! When asked what STEM teachers do she said that they expose students to the different aspects of STEM while also using the design process to solve problems. She said that someone who thinks outside the box and encourages students to be creative in solving problems makes a good STEM teacher.