Teacher: G. Johnson- Ceresco/Valparaiso
Teacher: S. Rose-Valparaiso/Ceresco

K-2nd grade students receive one 40 minute lab and 3rd grade a 45 minute lab weekly. 4th-6th graders receive a 60 minute keyboarding/computer lab weekly and an additional keyboarding class.

Keyboarding is introduced in 2nd grade and all 2-6th graders spend 15-30 minutes a week practicing keyboarding with dictation and keyboarding programs.

All students use lab time to become more acquainted with HP computers by practicing keyboarding, researching information on the internet, creating projects using different programs, learning to use a smart board, digital cameras and scanner and improve academic and thinking skills with CD’s and the RCE web page sites.

Web Site Evaluation Form

Make movies with ANIMOTO!
(use still photos/short videos and text to make short movies)
(create poster-like pages with links/photos/video/sound and graphics)