Art Conference Show Results

The Fort Calhoun High School Art Department hosted a conference art show on April 18, 2018. Art students representing six schools were in attendance for the day’s activities, including: displaying art, judging art work, and collaborating on their own piece when given the medium, subject, and style. Raymond Central had 32 ribbon winners:

1st Place
Cicely Pickel, 12, Outstanding Art Student Award, Nervous Graphite Portrait, Confused People Painting,
Melting Face and Hands Oil Paintings
Raine Rittscher, 12, Night-Time Fears Gouache Painting
Thori Nelson, 11, Desert Dusk Batik, Play Your Cards Photographs
Felicity Ramsey, 11, Self Portrait Color Pencil Drawing, CRAchemist Batik
Claire Wilson, 10, Self Portrait Graphite Drawing
Megan Lange, 9, Portrait Graphite Drawing

2nd Place
Ellen Dexter, 12, Dex 2 Acrylic Painting
Raine Rittscher, 12, Sunkmanito Tanka Acrylic Painting
Thori Nelson, 11, Montage of Sunflowers
Felicity Ramsey, 11, Celebracion! Of the Dead Color Drawing
Alexis Jeffres, 10, An Older Time Photograph
Claire Wilson, 10, Reflection Color Pencil Drawing, Ocean View Batik
Megan Lange, 9, Venice Perspective Graphite Drawing
Grace Mueller, 9, Futuristic Perspective Graphite Drawing
Jaron Polivka, 9, Portrait in Graphite

3rd Place
Makenzi Isaac, 12, Dirt Road Photograph, Simple Contrast Photograph, Stitched Together Photograph
Raine Rittscher, 12, Life From Death Color Pencil Drawing
Felicity Ramsey, 11, Never Broken Watercolor, Day of the Dead Acrylic Painting
Alexis Jeffres, 10, Self Portrait Color Pencil Drawing, A Time To Remember Photograph
Chandler Buch, 9, Portrait in Graphite
Megan Lange, 9, Still Life on Black, Symmetrical Perspective Drawing