Critical Reload (Post-Workout Shake) Proposal Survey

Why do we need Critical Reload?

Following a workout/training session is the most important time to consume post-workout nutrition, as your body is in need of a nutrient profile that Critical Reload provides in a fast and efficient manner. Following training, the longer an athlete waits before they consume the appropriate macronutrients, the worse their recovery and ability to build muscle becomes. Failure to provide your body with the proper nutrition following a training session results in a significant reduction in the effectiveness of a training session. The accumulation of many workouts without proper recovery from a nutritional standpoint will prove to be devastating to an athletes’ ability to maximize their athletic potential. The scientific research on this matter is significant, proven, and conclusive.  

Being a safe, natural food product (not a supplement) Critical Reload is a safe and inexpensive (compared to similar products on the market) that provides our student-athletes with the right macronutrient profile that their bodies need following a training session. Having the product readily available for our student-athletes eliminates the hassle of ordering comparable products yourself, gives them immediate access to the nutrition they need following a training session, and most importantly gives families the peace of mind that comes with the Informed Choice label.

Who can participate in the program?

Any student with parent/guardian permission may take the product. As a natural food product and not a supplement, it is safe and healthy for anyone. If students and/or staff desire to have a shake, they would simply need to pay through one of the offered payment methods.

How does my student-athlete participate?

Student-athletes will have a cup (provided or their own) that has the capability to measure and securely hold at least an 8oz serving of liquid. Following a workout, or during another approved time of day, anyone may come and get a shake per their selected payment plan.

What else is awesome about Critical Reload?

As if this idea didn’t make enough sense from the standpoint of its safety, price, and convenience – Critical Reload is a fantastic way to generate needed funding for our strength and conditioning program at the school, as well as provide a portion of funding for the football team (historically the most expensive sport for a school to fund).  The most exciting aspect of having Critical Reload in our school is the fact that its presence would be a self-sustaining fundraising system, providing a residual income year-in and year-out for our student-athletes.


*What is the first step in giving our student-athletes this opportunity? Fill out the survey below. Results will be tallied and based on the responses, the athletic department will decide whether or not to proceed. Click on or copy/paste the link below.


  • Coach Houchin (Head Football Coach, Raymond Central High School)