Highway 79 Construction and Bus Route Update

Mustang Nation-

Starting Monday, March 26th, Highway 79 will be closed from Raymond Road to County Road A. The Nebraska Department of Roads has sent several emails in regards to the work and the schedule. Attached below is a description of the areas that will have limited vehicular access or no access according to the Department of Transportation. To supplement the written description, see the attached drawing below, showing a broad view of the areas, marked in red, that will not have access through them. As the work begins, we will try to send updates as they are received from the Department of Transportation.

Raymond Central Schools will operate a normal bus schedule on Monday, March 26th, however, adjustments may need to be made depending upon the disruption of the road work. If a bus is running late Monday, please be patient as we are not sure how much of an impact the closure of Highway 79 will have on our routes.

Thank you,

Dr. Derrick Joel
Superintendent, Raymond Central Public Schools